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Guereza Animation Working to Educate Kids Across Africa About COVID

Watch the trailer for ‘Umoja,’ the Nigerian-based studio’s animated miniseries about a group of kids working to keep two villains from spreading misinformation about the virus.

Nigeria-based Guereza Animation is currently at work producing an animated miniseries to educate kids across Africa about COVID-19. The 2D series, Umoja (the Swahili word for Unity) which targets kids ages 6-12, is being produced in partnership with the African Union Africa CDC, GIZ (German Agency for international cooperation) and CCHub. The Canadian animation studio Double-dots is handling the backgrounds.

The story takes place after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and is set in the town of Kilimanjaro. The kids in the show, Udo, Rehema, Patra, and Arnold, work to stop two villains - King Pin and Mad scientist – from spreading misinformation about the virus.

In a continent where over 90% of the population is still not vaccinated, and many people are still unaware of the pandemic, the series aims to raise awareness amongst children who can then educate their families and peers.

Last year Guereza Animation produced an original comic book series called the “Adventures of Adunni and Lazerboy.” Produced in partnership with the African Union, Africa CDC, German Agency for International cooperation and CChub, the comic helped to educate kids during the height of the COVID lockdown in Africa. It succeeded in reaching millions of kids across Africa thanks to partnerships with MTN mPulse, Ubongo (edutainment platform in East Africa), STEMcafe, Learning Equality, Under the Same Sun Foundation and aKiddie.

Source: Guereza Animation