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Graphine’s Granite SDK 4.0 Now Available

Latest version boasts faster workflows for large development teams and a second streaming system to handle all texture content efficiently.

GHENT, Belgium -- Graphine has announced the release of the latest version of its flagship texture streaming technology, Granite SDK 4.0. The main two new benefits are a faster workflow for large teams through better version control behavior, and the possibility to stream any texture, large or small, with the most appropriate streaming technique for optimal performance.

Granite SDK 4.0 is designed to work with any version control system. It is much more efficient with network bandwidth when distributing textures internally within large studios. Additionally, the generation of the final optimized texture data that is included in the game is now accelerated in order for teams to save time and have more flexibility in how they integrate Granite into their workflow.

Granite SDK 4.0 also adds a separate mipmap streaming system to the already existing virtual texturing system. This extension allows developers to also stream texture content with Granite that is not a good fit for virtual texturing. With both systems in one SDK, developers have a complete solution for progressive texture loading. Every texture can be streamed in an optimal way that takes into account the texture resolution and how the data is used by the application. This allows developers to better optimize their content.

Lastly, the new SDK adds beta support for DirectX 12 and OpenGL ES3. The latest version is already used in Minority Media’s new title that will ship for Google Daydream.

“With large development teams like Wargaming using Granite SDK, we focused a lot on how 3D content is distributed in the game development teams,” said Graphine’s CEO, Aljosha Demeulemeester. “Projects that use Granite SDK typically have a huge amount of texture data that needs to be handled efficiently. Developers that need to wait on data copies or on long processing steps can spend less time working on their game.”

Granite SDK 4.0 is available standalone or as a plugin for Unreal Engine and Unity 3D. The SDK support the major entertainment platforms Xbox One, PS4, PC and Google Daydream. Companies currently using it include Wargaming, Survios and many others.

 Source: Graphine