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Granite for Unity 5 Arrives with New Pricing

Granite SDK -- the texture streaming middleware for real-time 3D -- is now available for Unity 5 for $349 or $20 per month.

GHENT, BELGIUM -- Graphics middleware company Graphine has released a new version of its Granite for Unity plugin for Unity 5. The plugin integrates its texture streaming middleware Granite SDK into the Unity 3D game engine. Together with this new version Graphine is also announcing a new price. You can now get the full-featured plugin for 349$ or 20$/month with a seat license.

As the company wrote in its blog, Graphine strives to get its texture streaming technology in the hands of every team that needs ultra-high resolution textures. Their new price fits into that strategy. They also focused on making the plugin really easy to use.

Game developers and VFX companies like The Mill, IM360 Entertainment, The Farm 51, Oculus and Allegorithmic have been using Graphine’s technology to get sharper, more detailed graphics in games and virtual reality applications.

Learn more about the new price structure and download a free 30-day trial of the Granite SDK at

Source: Graphine

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