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Gore Verbinski and Roger Deakins Teaming Up on Two Animated Films

The ‘Rango’ director reveals both projects will feature fresh, non-Western themes, and one will be a musical.

Good news, Rango fans! Oscar-winning director Gore Verbinski is teaming up with Oscar-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins (1917, Blade Runner 2049) once more for two new animated films. While Verbinski has certainly made a name for himself in the live-action world with Pirates of the Caribbean and The Ring, Rango was a fantastically innovative film that ultimately won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

In an interview with Collider for Rango’s 10th anniversary, Verbinski revealed, “I’m working on two animated movies that I can’t really talk about. I’m working on two screenplays… they’re both animated movies. They’re not Westerns. One is a musical.”

In typical Verbinski fashion, these projects will be fresh, like nothing he’s done before. Plus, a musical? He’s is about to give Disney a run for their money.

The acclaimed director also adds Deakins was the first on his list when planning out the two animated films. Verbinski says, “I was like, ‘Roger, are you in?’ So one of them I’ve pitched him in detail, so he’s going to be coming back and helping us out… really in the shot production of it. He’s busy. He’s very busy.”

While no additional information is known for either project, they are almost guaranteed to be wonderful. Keep checking back for more updates.

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