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Google Cloud Platform’s ZYNC Render Now Supports Autodesk 3ds Max

Google to showcase technology preview of V-Ray GPU for Autodesk Maya on ZYNC Render and more at SIGGRAPH 2017.

For decades, the SIGGRAPH conference has brought together pioneers in the field of computer graphics. This year at SIGGRAPH 2017, Google Cloud Platform is announcing several updates and product releases that reinforce Google Cloud Platform’s leadership in cloud-based media and entertainment solutions.

As part of the company’s ongoing collaboration with Autodesk, GCP’s hosted ZYNC Render service now supports its 3ds Max 3D modeling, animation and rendering software. Widely used in the media and entertainment, architecture and visualization industries, artists using ZYNC Render can scale their rendering needs to tens of thousands of cores on-demand to meet the ever-increasing need for high resolution, large format imagery.

At launch of 3ds Max support, GCP also offers support for leading renderers such as Autodesk’s Arnold renderer and and V-Ray from Chaos Group.

In addition, GCP is showing a technology preview of V-Ray GPU for Autodesk Maya on ZYNC Render. Utilizing Nvidia GPUs running on GCP, V-Ray GPU provides highly scalable, GPU-enhanced rendering performance.

Google Cloud Platform is also previewing support for Foundry’s VR toolset CaraVR on ZYNC Render. Running on ZYNC Render, CaraVR can now leverage the massive scalability of Google Compute Engine to render large VR datasets.

GCP is also presenting remote desktop workflows that leverage Google Cloud GPUs such as the new NVIDIA P100, which can perform both display and compute tasks. As a result, GCP is taking full advantage of V-Ray 3.6 Hybrid Rendering technology, as well as NVIDIA’s NVLink to share data across multiple NVIDIA P100 cards. GCP is also showing how to deploy and manage a GPU “farm” of hundreds of GPUs in the cloud.

Google Cloud’s suite of media and entertainment offerings is expansive -- from content ingestion and creation to graphics rendering to distribution. Combined with GCP’s online video platform Anvato, core infrastructure offerings around compute, GPU, and storage, cutting-edge machine learning and Hollywood studio-specific security engagements, Google Cloud provides comprehensive and end-to-end solutions for creative professionals to build media solutions of their choosing.

Source: Google Cloud Platform

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