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Gnomon Workshop Releases Concept Design DVDs

The Gnomon Workshop has released four new training DVDs by concept designer Feng Zhu. Focused on the traditional and digital techniques of the concept design industry, these four titles contain more than eight hours of instruction. Feng's clients include Lucasfilm, Disney, Blur Studio, Electronic Arts, GT Interactive, Origin Systems, Microsoft, Film Roman, Universal, Warner Bros. and Sierra. Feng has been teaching production design at Gnomon for two years.

Alex Alvarez, director of the Gnomon Workshop, said, "We are thrilled to be releasing DVDs by Feng. Through online communities and his personal Website, Feng's design and rendering skills have become an inspiration to artists around the globe. He is also a skilled instructor, who is clear in communicating his thought process and technique."

Zhu added, "Alex Alvarez approached me about making some DVDs almost a year ago. At the time, I was just leaving for Lucasfilm, so it never materialized. Once I returned to L.A., however, we decided to get it produced. I took a week off and spent every day at Alex's studio. After a couple boxes of pizza, tons of soda and coffee, we got it made. I had a lot of fun working on them. I thought about what a student would want to see, and put as much as I could into these DVDs, we wanted to make these DVDs informative and fun to watch. I picked several subjects that are familiar with designers and students."

Gnomon Workshop DVDs are priced at $69 and can be purchased online at Academic pricing is available. Each title includes 120 minutes of instruction, lecture notes and bonus material.

DVD descriptions:* CONCEPT DESIGN, I: VEHICLE SKETCHING WITH MARKERSUsing materials standard in the design industry, a detailed step-by-step demonstration will show the students the entire vehicle sketching process. Learn about the basics of perspective, the importance of thumbnails, techniques of sketching and development of forms and proportions to create the final rendering.

* CONCEPT DESIGN, II: SKETCHING ENVIRONMENTSFor set design, this disk teaches how to plan out perspectives, set up compositions, establish lighting and create mood in a detailed step-by-step demonstration. This lecture also covers the materials used in the design industry as well as sketching techniques, thumbnails and warm-up exercises.

* CONCEPT DESIGN, III: QUICK SKETCHING WITH VARIOUS MATERIALSThis lecture is divided into three parts, each covering a different drawing technique and materials. Learn about the basics of each material, and how they can be applied in the drawing process. Also demonstrated are the basics of perspective, development of form and warm-up exercises.

* CONCEPT DESIGN, IV: DIGITAL PAINTINGReferencing line-drawing from DESIGN 2, learn how to use the digital medium to create a finished rendering. Two different demonstrations will show the entire process. Learn about the importance of values, lighting, and scale to help create the over-all mood. Also covered are some basic tips about Photoshop.

The Gnomon Workshop is an outgrowth of the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, a professional institute specializing in training for the high-end visual effects community. This online resource for the Maya community produces training DVDs and free tutorials which are available exclusively online at

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