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The Gnomon Workshop Announces The Making of Worms

This week The Gnomon Workshop released a DVD set unlike any you have seen before. Sil van der Woerd, a talented music video director from the Netherlands, has reconstructed the steps he took to produce and direct a music video for the Dutch singer Lolly Jane Blue.

The music video WORMS has won critical acclaim and demonstrates van der Woerd's strong visual language. All of the effects, from 3D models and textures to full digital sets and an amazing underwater sequence were planned, directed and executed by van der Woerd. This four-disk set breaks down his entire process for making WORMS and is geared towards both the student and professional who are interested in seeing how, even with a very low budget, you can combine multiple disciplines to create a professional film short or music video.

In this four-disk set, van der Woerd reveals the entire production process of making WORMS, a music video in which van der Woerd integrated live action footage with complex digital sets and characters to create imaginative worlds. The first disk in this set gives a general overview of the entire production pipeline. The following three disks feature breakdowns of different scenes which are fully analyzed and discussed from sketch to the final composition. Van der Woerd covers many technical subjects including motion tracking in Boujou, compositing, rotoscoping and keying in After Effects, previsualization, modeling, texturing, digital sets, animation and dynamics in Maya. The combination of behind-the-scenes material, practical tricks and technical tutorials make this set an enjoyable way to learn and absorb valuable knowledge. This set hopes to inspire everyone who dreams of starting their own production and aims to help turn your independent project into a professional production.

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