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Gnomon to Release Digital Matte Painting DVDs on Sept. 15

The Gnomon Workshop will offer two new Analog DVDs that will be available Sept. 15, 2004, produced in conjunction with Design Studio Press and with a new instructor, Yanick Duseault (Dusso) -- THE TECHNIQUES OF DUSSO, 1: INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL MATTE PAINTING and THE TECHNIQUES OF DUSSO, 2: DIGITAL MATTE PAINTING FUNDAMENTALS. Both DVDs are priced at $69.

The INTRODUCTION DVD follows Dusso through the first stages of the matte painting process, focusing on the properties of photographed light through the execution of nine different digital color sketches. These are quick exercises that demonstrate the blocking in of shapes and colors to train the viewers skills at creating visually pleasing and realistic results.

The FUNDAMENTALS DVD demonstrates the basic techniques of digital matte painting for visual effects in a production environment. Dusso combines elements of photography, simple 3D models and freehand painting techniques within Adobe Photoshop, merging the boundaries of realism with graphic illustration.

Dusso has worked on such projects as WHAT DREAMS MAY COME and THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy and is currently working as a senior matte painter for Industrial Light & Magic on STAR WARS: EPISODE III: REVENGE OF THE SITH.

The Gnomon Workshop is an outgrowth of the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, a professional institute specializing in training for the high-end visual effects community. For more information on the Gnomon School, visit

Design Studio Press is a specialty publisher that focuses primarily on original artistic works and educational books. For more information, visit

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