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Global Mechanic and Alt Animation Partner on ‘Class Clown’

New 2D animation series, about a clown and carnival family that decides to settle down in the suburbs after years of being on the road, is created by Canadian writer Ian Boothby.

Vancouver-based animation studio, Global Mechanic (Scribbles & Ink) has joined forces with Northern Ireland-based animation studio, ALT Animation to co-develop Class Clown (11mins x 52 episodes). The series is a concept imagined by veteran Canadian writer Ian Boothby (Simpsons Comics, Futurama Comics, MAD Magazine).

“When looking for the ideal collaborator for Class Clown, it was ALT Animation’s keen eye for creating captivating 2D designs alongside their high-level of professionalism that sealed the deal,” commented Global Mechanic executive producer/CEO, Tina Ouellette. “With our new production partner in place and the CMF/NIS co-development funding jointly awarded to us, we are excited to move forward and secure the additional financing for this incredible project.” 

Global Mechanic and ALT Animation first met at MIPCOM 2019 and Kidscreen 2020. The two companies connected over a like-minded animation approach and a penchant towards slapstick animation comedy series for kids aged 6-12. Both studios have a strong background in creating quality production services, and now aim to make their mark with their own original intellectual property (IP). Joint efforts on the new Class Clown series began in June 2020; preparation is now being made to take the property to MIPCOM Online+ in October, to secure additional funding and broadcasting partners.

“Class Clown is a series that touches upon universal themes about family, inclusivity and the desire to ‘fit in’ that will resonate with audiences all around the world, not least because the circus tradition is something that is recognized and enjoyed in all parts of the world,” explained Alt Animation managing director, Tim Bryans. “We are confident the series has the potential to reach not just Canadian and Northern Irish audiences, but also a wide variety of international audiences. We could not be more thrilled to be working with Canada’s Global Mechanic.”

The series, written by Ian Boothby, is all about a clown and carnival family that decides to settle down in the suburbs after years of being on the road. The show mainly centers around the family’s son Jimmy Jingles, a boy who just wants to fit in at his new school. Only trouble is, he’s REALLY a clown. In fact, Jimmy is descended from a long line of clowns... and looks it: blue hair, large red nose, huge shoes, and everything else you would expect from a clown. But for him it is all natural. Things were fine when they were all travelling with the circus but now that his parents have decided to settle in the suburbs to give Jimmy a more stable life, it is a constant struggle.

“I’ve always been a fan of shows like The Addams Family which featured a take on the immigrant story with bizarre old-world culture clashing with the modern suburbs,” shared Boothby. “Jimmy Jingles loves his circus folk family but also really wants to fit in at his new school. Unfortunately, he brings with him a red nose, huge shoes, and mastery of slapstick comedy he can’t turn off no matter how hard he tries. Global Mechanic have always had a great take on all things surreal and funny with real emotion which in this case is a kid just trying to make it through lunch without three rings of chaos breaking out.”

Source: Global Mechanic