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GLAS Animation Festival Unveils 2019 Competition Selections

Forty-one animated short films selected for the GLAS Animation Festival 2019 international competition.

2019 GLAS Animation Festival poster by Manshen Lo.

The 2019 GLAS Animation Festival is on its way! After receiving more than 3,400 submissions, Festival organizers have announced the Official Competition Selections, as well as selections for Children's Competition, U.S. Competition, and International Showcase.

The 4th annual event takes place March 21-24, 2019 in the historic city of Berkeley, California, just a quick ride away from San Francisco.

The full list of selections is shown below:


  • 32-Rbit by Victor Orozco Ramirez
  • A Fly in the Rstaurant by Xi Chen
  • Acid Rain by Tomek Popakul
  • Agouro by David Doutel & Vasco Sa
  • Agua Viva by Alexa Lim Haas
  • Apart by Diana Cam Van Nguyen
  • Between Us Two by Wei Keong Tan
  • Beware the Intuition by Robin Courtel
  • Bloeistraat 11 by Nienke Deutz
  • Ce Gout en Bouche by Laura Passalacqua
  • Chimera by Caleb Wood
  • Currents by Xinyi Zhu
  • DON'T KNOW WHAT by Thomas Renholder
  • Egg by Martina Scarpelli
  • Egg Touching by Peter Millard
  • Embraced by Justine Vuylsteke
  • Fest by Nikita Diakur
  • Good Intentions by Anna Mantzaris
  • Grands Canons by Alain Biet
  • Half Asleep by Caibei Cai
  • Hedge by Amanda Bonaiuto
  • How Steel Was Tempered by Igor Grubic
  • III by Marta Pajek
  • I'm Going Out for Cigarettes Osman Cerfon
  • Les lèvres gercées by Kelsi Phung
  • Like Us, Lovers by Dotan Moreno
  • Mr. Deer by Mojtaba Mousavi
  • Museum Guard by Alexander Gratzer
  • Nothing Happens by Michelle and Uri Kranot
  • On Ambition, Courtship, & Reproduction by Pernille Kjaer
  • Paper Trail by Jake Fried
  • Per Tutta la Vita by Roberto Catani
  • Roughhouse by Jonathan Hodgson
  • Slug Life by Sophie Koko Gate
  • Solar Walk by Réka Bucsi
  • Take the Five by Conner Griffith
  • La Chute by Boris Labbé
  • The Night of the Plastic Bags by Gabriel Harel
  • The Sister's Bedroom by Claire Brognez
  • Winners Bitch by Sam Gurry
  • Your Eyes Will I Ever by Félicien Colmet Daâge


  • Adorable by Cheng-Hsu Chung
  • Finity Calling by Jasper Kuipers
  • Floreana by Louis Morton
  • Giant Bear by Daniel Gies & Neil Christopher
  • I'm Ok by Elizabeth Hobbs
  • Live a little by Jenny Jokela
  • OBON by Andre Hormann & Anna Samo
  • Raymonde and the Vertical Landscape by Sarah Van Den Boom
  • Reruns by Rosto
  • Rhizoma by Santiago Pérez Rodríguez
  • Sahara Palace by Zélie Durand-Khalifat
  • Sounds Good by Sander Joon
  • The Missing Pig by Cecilia Corzo
  • Untravel by Nicolas Keppens, Matthias Phlips
  • Wildebeest by Nicolas Keppens and Matthaias Plips


  • ATHLETICUS: Gardien de Gymnase by Nicolas Deveaux
  • But Jane Was Deaf by Tobias Rud
  • Cloudy by Zuzana Cupova, Filip Diviak
  • Dum dee bolala dum by Peter Millard
  • Fire in Cardboard City by Phil Brough
  • Flipped by Hend Esmat, Lamiaa Diab
  • Goldie by Emily Brundige
  • Hedgehog by Vaibhav Keswani, Jeanne Laureau, Colombine Majou, Morgane Mattard, Kaisa Pirttinen, Jong-ha Yoon
  • Hors Piste by Leo Brunel, Loris Cavalier, Camille Jalabert, Oscar Malet
  • KO Scotty by Thee Khanthavit
  • Kuap by Nils Hedinger
  • Little Red Riding Hood by Martina Hocova
  • Lost and Found by Andrew Goldsmith & Bradley Slabe
  • Mushroom Park by Timothy Rauch
  • My Best Friend Explodes by Will Anderson and Ainslie Henderson
  • Night Moves by Falk Schuster
  • Pops & Branwell by Aleks Sennwald, Pete Toms
  • Pre School Poets by Nancy Kangas, Josh Kun
  • Stuffed by Élise Simoulin, Édouard Heutte, Clotilde Bonnotte, Anna Komaromi, Marisa Di Vora Peixoto, Helena Bastioni
  • Teofrastus by Sergei Kibus
  • The Bird & the Whale by Carol Freeman


  • Albatross Soup by Winnie Cheung
  • Ballerina by Steven Subotnick
  • Bike Trip by Tom Schroeder
  • Flora by Chaerin Im
  • Guidance by David Delafuente
  • Guster by John Kelley
  • No Man is an Island by Jack Wedge
  • Prist by Eric Ko
  • Random Thoughts by Steven Vander Meer
  • Reverie by Henry McClellan
  • Solipsism by Tuna Bora & Jonathan Djob Nkondo
  • Sparky by xinbaonuzi
  • Sun Zoom Spark by Gina Kamentsky
  • The Backwards Astronomer by Jacob Nelson
  • The Trick by Andrea Nakhla
  • Wayside by Angela Stempel

For more information about GLAS 2019, including selections, passes, volunteering opportunities and hotel discounts, visit the GLAS website. Special programs and the festival schedule and trailer will be announced in the coming weeks.

Source: GLAS Animation Festival

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