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GLAS 2021 Online Festival Kicks off Today

Running online April 5-11 this year, the 6th annual event features new programs including panel discussions ‘How to Pitch Your Film’ and ‘How to Get the Gig’ as well as virtual watch parties and free webinars.

The 6th edition of the GLAS Animation Festival is now underway! The online event features fresh ideas and expands the scope of animation by highlighting new voices, new talents, new themes, and a new generation of independent filmmakers and curators. This year new programs have been added including virtual watch parties and free webinars.

Not to be missed programs include:

How to Pitch Your Film (To People Who Can Actually Get it Made!)

Live - April 8 at 3pm PST - Sign up here

This panel will elucidate the many facets of putting together the perfect pitch. In this conversation, a range of executives, talent managers, and producers will go in-depth on the ins and outs of pitching across the spectrum: from TV series to independent short films.

Sponsored by The Animation Guild

How to Get the Gig

Live - April 9 - 3pm PST - Sign up here

You’ve been working hard on your portfolio and you’re dying to work in the animation industry. You want to be a storyboard artist, a background designer, concept artist, animator, layout artist, but don’t know where to start. This panel with some of the industry’s top recruiters will answer all your questions and provide insights into getting the gig you’ve been dreaming about.

Sponsored by Bento Box Entertainment

Demo: Lizard Ladder with Ted Wiggin

Live - April 7 - 1pm PST - Sign up here

Tired of drawing inbetweens? Ever wanted to lose yourself in vast trippy feedback swirls? Wish you could make 12+ seconds of animation in an hour? Do all these things and more during this white knuckle deep dive into Ted Wiggin’s custom animation software Lizard Ladder.

Inside ‘Arlo The Alligator Boy’

The crew of Arlo the Alligator Boy takes a deep dive into the design and creation of this new hand drawn, musical feature. The panel includes a conversation with Ryan Crego (creator), Israel Sanchez (art director), Michelle Park (paint/color lead) and David De Pasquale (lead character designer), as they explore their process in bringing this stunning visual achievement to the screen. - Moderated by Maija Burnett.

Visit the GLAS 2021 website for information and registration.

Source: GLAS 2021