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Gladiator Still Golden Around The Globe

DreamWorks GLADIATOR is still the golden boy in many international box offices. In the most recent reports, the Roman revenge romp finished atop the charts in Brazil with US$1.18 million, Germany with US$1.06 million, Italy with $303,200, Sweden with $336,708 and the U.K. with $926,371. The Russell Crowe-starrer has grossed a total of $4.6 million in Brazil, $14.67 million in Germany, $7.2 million in Italy, $2.78 million in Sweden and $34.36 million in the U.K. Like it did in the U.K., the box office blood bath held off the debut of BATTLEFIELD EARTH. DreamWorks darling grossed $2.09 million, while EARTH only racked up $648,004 at #2. Once the bad word gets out, the sci-fi sucker may quickly fall down the charts like it did in Sweden (#8 down from #6) and Italy (#10 down from #4). The international champ GLADIATOR has grossed a total of $8.15 million thus far in Spain. However, the Maximus moneymaker has given up the throne in Hong Kong and Australia. The Hong Kong premiere of FINAL DESTINATION helped push GLADIATOR down to #3. The teen terror pic grossed $295,691 in its debut week, while GLADITOR settled for $79,542, raising its Hong Kong cume to $1.07 million. In Australia, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2 claimed the top spot with a gross of $3.33 million, which brought its cume Down Under to $8.26 million. In turn, GLADIATOR slipped into the #2 slot with a gross of $1.32 million, advancing its cume in the country to $9.15 million. Elsewhere, MISSION TO MARS still holds the top spot in Japan. The sci-fi space spectacle grossed another $473,685, raising its Japanese cume to $2.99 million. Former nine-week box office champ in the land of the rising sun, THE GREEN MILE, has stayed steady at #3 with a gross of $404,383, bringing its cume there to $23.7 million. Japans largest animated house Toei released another feature in Japan entitled SENRIGAN that finished in 10th place. The toons debut made $139,464. THE TIGGER MOVIE is still holding on in Germany and Brazil. In its German debut, the caffinated cat and friends brought home $362,890 in seventh place. Finishing in 9th place, the new Winnie the Pooh pic made $63,623 in Brazil, advancing its cume to $1.38 million. As it started its 35mm run in the States, FANTASIA/2000 slipped down the charts in both France and Australia. The animated opera fell two spots to #7 in France, grossing $533,589 and raising its French cume to $1.91 million. In Australia, the FANTASIA sequel landed in 10th place, with a gross of $165,901 and a cume of $301,047. Locking its little claws into 7th place, POKEMON: THE FIRST MOVIE grossed another $32,078 in Sweden. Pikachu and pals have run away with $1.11 million in Sweden thus far. Box office reports obtained in THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

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