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Gladiator Gaining Riches Around The World

DreamWorks' GLADIATOR continues to plunder the pockets of moviegoers around the globe. Complete box numbers from Germany, France, Australia and a number of other countries were not available due to local holidays, however GLADIATOR looks like it is still slaying the competition. The bloody blockbuster is still topping the charts after five weeks in release in both the U.K. and Australia, regaining the top spot from MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2 in the later. In its four weeks in release, the Roman revenge tale took the #1 spot in both Italy and Spain. In nine days in release, the armored adventure has made a whopping US$4 million in Korea, which helped raise its worldwide cume to $266 million. The U.S. box office champ GONE IN 60 SECONDS also opened in New Zealand, racking up $231,000 in ticket receipts. The car theft cavalcades opening marked the biggest of the year thus far in New Zealand. MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2 has landed $1.1 million in only 4 countries. The Tom Cruise-vehicle opened in Indonesia with a gross of $311,134 and in Israel with a gross of $358,114. The face-changing free-for-all has stocked up $7.9 million in early receipts from overseas so far. DINOSAUR has tailed up $1.2 million in three weeks in Singapore. MISSION TO MARS remains at the top of the charts in Japan for the week ending June 4. Also in Japan, Toeis new animated feature PINCH RUNNER remains at #9 with a gross of $129,882 and a Japanese cume of $795,055. FANTASIA/2000 is fairing well in Australia and France. The animated opera earned $723,479 and $131,250 in its French and Australian debuts respectively. POKEMON: THE FIRST MOVIE is still mesmerizing children in Sweden and Germany. The Charmander charmer dazzled audiences to the tune of $44,668 in Sweden, raising its cume to $1.07 million. Pikachu and friends caught $63,472 in Germany, bringing its cume there to $12.24 million. Also in Germany, STUART LITTLE held on to the 5th spot with a gross of $111,203, bringing its German cume to $8.08 million. Finally, THE TIGGER MOVIE is still tantalizing viewers in Brazil. The fun-loving feline added $79,880 to its Brazilian cume of $1.31 million. Box office reports obtained in THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

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