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‘Gigantosaurus’ Returns January 4 for Season 2 on Disney Junior

The popular animated series from Cyber Group Studios take kids on adventures with the Dino crew as they explore their world, overcome fears, and learn to solve problems together.

Disney Junior welcomes a brand-new season of Gigantosaurus, the popular animated preschool series from Cyber Group Studios, premiering Monday, January 4, at 8:55 am with an action-packed new episode then rolling-out every Monday morning.

Season 2 brings all-new dino-mite adventures to life featuring the young dinosaur best friends Rocky, Bill, Tiny, and Mazu. It also introduces new characters, including extra-adorable baby dinos and a new “baddy,” and takes the team to exciting never-before-seen locations. The upcoming stories are both hilarious and heartwarming and the CG animation is even more vibrant and colorful than before.

In every episode, Gigantosaurus invites the youngest of viewers to follow along with inquisitive Mazu, playful Tiny, timid Bill, and courageous Rocky as they go on quests to explore their world, facing their fears, working together to solve problems, learning more about the Big Guy – the mysterious Gigantosaurus himself – and having lots of fun all along the way. The series also incorporates a wide array of real dinosaurs, from Leon, the friendly archelon, to Plink, Plonk and Plunk, a bunch of playful ichthyosaurs, and realistically rendered flora and fauna that is true to the time period.

Source: Disney Junior