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Ghost Rider Races to 2007

Due to an overabundance of high-profile films, Sony has opted to move the screen adaptation of GHOST RIDER to President's Day weekend, Feb. 16, 2007, reports VARIETY. The $120-million Nicolas Cage vehicle was set to open July 14, 2006.

Most likely this will not be the first of moves for Sony, who has six additional films set for summer 2006. Those films include Columbia's THE DA VINCI CODE (May 19); Columbia/Revolution's CLICK (June 23); Sony Pictures Imageworks MONSTER HOUSE (July 21); Columbia's Will Ferrell NASCAR comedy (Aug. 4); Revolution's Tim Allen superhero spoof ZOOM (Aug. 11) and LITTLE MAN (May 26). For the whole year, Sony has 28 films lined up from its five divisions (Columbia, Screen Gems, TriStar, Revolution and MGM).

In addition, the move will affect many of Marvel Studios tie-in plans for the property.

For those involved with GHOST RIDER, the Presidents Day/Valentines Day weekend has been lucrative. Sony did really well this year with its release of HITCH in the slot and Marvel's Avi Arad, GHOST RIDER director Mark Steven Johnson and his producing partner Gary Foster found success in 2003 the same weekend with DAREDEVIL.

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