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Getting Jig-gy With It

Steamboat Software, a Los Angeles developer of high-end computer graphics and visual effects software, has announced the release of Jig Software to the general public. Jig is a comprehensive solution for rendering traditional geometry, as well as photorealistic hair, volumes and particles. The software has been ported to SGI and NT platforms, but is primarily developed on and for the Linux operating system. Jig is designed to be scalable, performing well on modest workstations as well as large rendering clusters. Jig has been used by many of the industry's leading producers of visual effects, most notably Digital Domain (Motorola "Mya" commercial), Centropolis Effects (STUART LITTLE), Walt Disney (GONE IN 60 SECONDS) and Warner Bros. Feature Animation. Jig v1.0 includes one floating license of Jig v1.0 and the KAI C++ compiler, and unlimited licenses of Maya2Jig and Hpart2Jig for US$1,050/License/CPU. For more information visit the Steamboat Software Website at