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The latest Acrobat edition of Animation World Magazine is now online. Download it today while it's still available for free. This issue tackles the topics of feature films and shorts. Start your engines, folks, it's that time of year again -- Rick DeMott takes a lap around the Oscar buzz arena to uncover who's ahead and who hasn't even left the starting line. Philippe Moins surveys the European animated feature scene and discovers a vast array of subjects and styles. Karen Raugust looks at how the animated feature film business is no longer closed to independent animation houses in the U.S. Joe Strike looks into the new renaissance in animated shorts to find out the trends and how revenue opportunities are growing.

Additionally, Adrian Pennington chats with Peter Lord, Aardman co-founder and producer of FLUSHED AWAY, on the company's adventures in CG. Bill Desowitz speaks with George Miller, various supervisors and the co-founder of Animal Logic about the challenges of making HAPPY FEET. John Cawley chats with Bob Boyle about the challenges the creator faces balancing production on two new shows, WOW! WOW! WUBBZY! and YIN YANG YO!, which air on two separate networks. Dale Hendrickson, who worked on the original HE-MAN and SHE-RA series, chats with veteran producer Lou Scheimer about his work on the two series, as well as his overall career in animation. Joe Strike chats with Tom Lynch about collaborating with André "3000" Benjamin on Cartoon Network's new animated series, CLASS OF 3000.

In columns, Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman peers through the microscope to the dawn of animation to see how the path of 3D evolution is mirroring 2D's development. In this month's "Mind Your Business," Mark Simon screams out to readers the ins and outs of big mouth marketing. Nancy Cartwright gives a "how to" and "how come" look at the voice-over industry. This month, the Career Coach reminds us that in the month of Thanksgiving, we should all reflect on what we are grateful for.

In reviews, Sarah Baisley shares her observations, personal asides and news from MIPCOM Jr. and MIPCOM 2006. Michael Hurwicz looks at Toon Boom Storyboard -- software for creating storyboards and animatics for 2D, 3D or live-action -- to see if it will draw you in or leave you staring blankly at the screen. Libby Reed cracks open Tony White's book, ANIMATION FROM PENCILS TO PIXELS, which puts a great deal of attention to the business side of animation, to tell us whether it's filled with useful knowledge or a compilation of useless facts. Taylor Jessen reviews BITTER FILMS VOL. 1 1995-2005 as well as five short films in "Fresh from the Festivals."

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