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George Lucas Educational Foundation Launches Edutopia Magazine

The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) launches EDUTOPIA, a new magazine for a new world of learning. Serving as a catalyst for change in education, the publication's editorial will showcase the best and most innovative thinking in education, profile the sharpest minds, reveal ways around roadblocks and question the status quo. EDUTOPIA is the first magazine launch for Lucas and for the foundation, which was founded in 1991 to chronicle innovative practices in education.

"I'm interested in the future, and the future is kids," says Lucas, who is profiled in the magazine's premiere issue. "Here we are entering the 21st century, and we are doing things based on 19th century ideas and methods. Our system of education is locked in a time capsule ... .The digital divide is not about who has access to what technology but, rather, who knows how to create and express themselves in the language of sound and images."

EDUTOPIA launches as a bimonthly publication until Sept. 2005, when it will publish 10 times a year, and will follow the academic calendar. Designed for educators, legislators, parents and all others interested in education, the magazine profiles the heroes of education reform, cutting-edge schools and brings to life innovations in science, art and technology.

Serving as editor in chief will be James Daly. He has served as founder/editor in chief of IMAGINE MEDIA'S BUSINESS 2.0, editor in chief of RED HERRING, a features editor at WIRED and a senior editor at FORBES ASAP. Cheryl Lucanegro will take on the role of publisher. She is a founding member and svp of The Industry Standard and former svp of sales for the group. GLEF exec director Milton Chen will oversee the publication.

"Our goal is to exchange ideas that ultimately bring about change in the status quo. EDUTOPIA will appeal to education influencers who recognize the urgent need to strengthen the U.S. educational system, whether you're an involved business or community leader, policy maker, district administrator, or parent," said Daly. "We'll cover stories that open doors and minds to a new world of learning."

Lucanegro adds, "We're creating a new magazine category. EDUTOPIA takes you inside the classroom and outside the schoolyard, covering everything from politics to philosophy, gadgets to music, technology to teaching skills. We're reaching educators and opinion leaders who see the bigger picture -- those who care deeply about the future, our world and what's happening in politics, science, and the arts. They're lifelong learners themselves."

The first issue arrived in mailboxes on Sept. 15, 2004 and was sent to a qualified audience of 85,000 subscribers. To subscribe or view the current issue, visit

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