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Geomerics Brings Enlighten to PS4

Geomerics to bring next-generation lighting to Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation 4; Enlighten to drive visual quality on PlayStation 4 with real-time global illumination.

Cambridge, UKGeomerics, the leading lighting technology company in the video game industry, has announced its support for Sony Computer Entertainment’s newly announced PlayStation 4. Enlighten is now available to developers working on PlayStation 4 titles, bringing real-time global illumination to the next generation of games.

Enlighten is award-winning lighting software and the world's first fully real-time global illumination technology. Packed full of time-saving workflow features and a lightweight runtime, Enlighten is the only solution proven to deliver fully dynamic lighting on today's PCs, game consoles and mobile platforms. The technology has been used to add lighting effects to some of today’s most advanced and best-selling titles, including Battlefield 3, Need for Speed: The Run, Eve Online, Medal of Honor: Warfighter and the upcoming Dragon Age 3.

PlayStation 4 promises a dramatic increase in memory and compute resource, which will free developers to unleash the full creative power of dynamic lighting and to finally extend cinematographic film practices to dynamic immersive worlds.


“We are delighted to be working on PlayStation 4,” said Geomerics founder Dr. Chris Doran. “The hardware is everything we were hoping for in a next-generation console, and a huge step forward from the current generation. Real-time global illumination was a big deal for games running on the current generation of hardware, but it required developers to make some compromises. With PlayStation 4, those days are behind us. We can finally unleash the full power of Enlighten, and allow game developers working on PlayStation 4 games to bring far deeper levels of dynamism and quality to game lighting. We cannot wait to see what developers produce with Enlighten.”

VP Sales Rob Precious added, “The amount of interest from developers for PlayStation 4 is huge. The next few months are going to be very exciting for us and we are looking forward to publishers and developers revealing some of what we have been working on.”

Source: Geomerics

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