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Geneon Releases Kannazuki No Miko, Strawberry Marshmallow, Elemental Gelade

In the past month, Geneon Ent. has released new volumes of KANNAZUKI NO MIKO, STRAWBERRY MARSHMALLOW and ELEMENTAL GELADE on DVD.

Love, loss and friendship collide with spectacular and devastating results as three young students imbued with heavenly powers struggle to realize their own potential in KANNAZUKI NO MIKO VOLUME TWO: LUNAR PRIESTESS. As the prophecy reveals itself, the three friends feel the strain of their destinies more and more, as their burgeoning gifts and world-shaking powers conflict with the emotional rollercoaster of adolescence.

Featuring opening and closing themes by J-Pop diva and worldwide sensation Kotoko, KANNAZUKI NO MIKO VOLUME TWO: LUNAR PRIESTESS is an apocalyptic exploration of the universal trials of growing up with the added pressure of battling with giant robots to determine the fate of the universe. The series comes packaged with a limited edition pencil board featuring artwork by fan-favorite Kaishaku. KANNAZUKI NO MIKO VOLUME TWO: LUNAR PRIESTESS is available for $29.98.

To support the DVD release, Geneon Ent. will offer a $3 promotional mail-in rebate certificate with the purchase of any volume, good for all subsequent volumes of the series.

The KANNAZUKI NO MIKO VOLUME TWO: LUNAR PRIESTESS DVD features two fan-friendly subtitle streams (dialogue and screen text, screen text only), bilingual audio (English and Japanese 2.0), and is presented in anamorphic widescreen. The DVD also features a creditless ending animation sequence.

In STRAWBERRY MARSHMALLOW: VOLUME ONE CUTE IS AS CUTE DOES, Chika, Miu and Matsuri go about their daily lives full of adventure and discovery. Follow the intrepid trio as they try to make a surprise birthday gift. Then meet Ana, a transfer student originally from England who pretends to a foreigner. This becomes more difficult to pull off when the girls pay a visit to her happy home. And when Chika and company find out where Nobue is working, they decide to pay her a visit... with disastrous results.

Geneon has also released the STRAWBERRY MARSHMALLOW Original Soundtrack, featuring 21 sugary-sweet tracks highlighting the trios escapades. It sells for $14.95.

The STRAWBERRY MARSHMALLOW: VOLUME ONE CUTE IS AS CUTE DOES DVD will include the first four episodes of the series, and will be available for $24.98.

In ELEMENTAL GELADE VOLUME ONE, Cou, the bumbling rookie of the Red Lynx sky pirate squadron, has just discovered the treasure of a lifetime a mighty member of the ancient race of Edel Raids. Ren, at first glance, seems to be a shy and defenseless girl, but she holds within her a power that many are willing to kill for. When Cou takes it upon himself to protect Ren on her journey to a mysterious place called Edel Garden, he immediately makes new friends and dangerous enemies.

Packaged with a limited edition replica of Rens headband as well as a chrome metallic ELEMENTAL GELADE pencil board, the box set is available for $39.98. ELEMENTAL GELADE VOLUME ONE is additionally available singly for $29.98, and is also packaged with a chrome metallic pencil board.

To support the DVD release, Geneon Entertainment is offering the same promotional mail-in rebate certificate as it is for KANNAZUKI NO MIKO.

The ELEMENTAL GELADE VOLUME ONE DVD features five full episodes, presented in English Dolby Digital Surround Sound and Japanese Dolby Digital and English subtitles.

A leading supplier of Japanese animation in North America, Geneon Ent. (USA) Inc. ( is a full-service producer and distributor of entertainment content including film, music, animation and television shows on DVD, UMD and CD. Continually introducing new and classic anime and live-action programming, as well as anime CD soundtracks, the company also serves as a creative partner to many of Japan's top anime production companies. Additionally, Geneon Entertainment distributes critically acclaimed musical performances on DVD and CD from renowned artists. Headquartered in Long Beach, California, Geneon Ent.s parent company is Tokyo-based advertising giant Dentsu, Inc.

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