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GARY AND MIKE Hit the Road

Big Ticket Television has teamed-up with Will Vinton Studios to produce a new Claymation and dimensional animation series entitled GARY AND MIKE, slated to air on FOX this Fall. The series will be executive produced by creators Fax Bahr and Adam Small, along with Academy Award winning Will Vinton and Tom Turpin (CEO/president of Will Vinton Studios). GARY AND MIKE features Gary Bonner and Mike Newton, suburban twentysomethings on the road trip of their lives as they search for America at the dawn of the new millennium, from a cult in rural Kansas to a close encounter in Roswell, New Mexico to a surprise appearance on the Jerry Springer Show. Gary (voiced by Chris Moynihan) is an asthmatic hypochondriac, who is deeply under the thumb of his die-hard Marine Corps dad, but he's got the car and the gear. Mike (voiced by Harland Williams), a grungy undisciplined dreamer, unfortunately considers himself a ladies man, and is along for the ride.

Big Ticket Television has produced the syndicated shows JUDGE JUDY, JUDGE JOE BROWN, and NIGHT STAND WITH DICK DIETRICK, as well as the comedy series MOESHA for the UPN network. The production part of the team, Will Vinton Studios, based in Portland, Oregon, is currently executive producing the hit Foamation prime time weekly animated television series THE PJ'S with Imagine Entertainment and Eddie Murphy, in association with Touchstone Television. Over the last twenty years, Will Vinton Studios has created hundreds of characters for commercials including the California Raisins, television specials, and a feature film, THE ADVENTURES OF MARK TWAIN. They have won an Academy Award, six Emmies, and numerous Clio awards. They are also the force behind the current M&M commercials that feature computer animated M&M's interacting with live action humans.