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The Garfield Show Debuts on Cartoon Network

"The Garfield Show," an all-new animated TV show in CGI and high definition, has started Monday, October 26 at 10:30 a.m. and repeat at 3:00 p.m. EST on the Cartoon Network.

The Garfield Show

Press Release from Dargaud Media

"The Garfield Show," an all-new animated TV show in CGI and high definition, has started Monday, October 26 at 10:30 a.m. and repeat at 3:00 p.m. EST on the Cartoon Network.  The show will then air daily, Monday-Friday, at 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. EST.  Designed to entertain kids of all ages, the show revolves around a typical day-in-the-life of the surly cat and the characters that inhabit his world.

Instavision of Venice, California is managing all digital distribution of the series in the US territory through multiple online and mobile platforms, including iTunes, YouTube (, and at A new website devoted to the show will feature games, mobile downloads, video, and "The Catbox" featuring social networking aspects, including blogs by Dr. Liz (Garfield’s veterinarian) and Squeak the mouse, an authority on the world’s cheeses, and much more. The show’s characters can be found on Facebook ( < and Twitter (

While brand new to the United States audience, “The Garfield Show” has been delighting audiences worldwide since its debut on France 3 network in November 2008.  It also currently airs in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Taiwan, Philippines, Latin America, the United Kingdom, and is slated to debut in South Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern and Western Europe of Saturday, November 7th.  Additionally, Cartoon Network Japan will begin airing the program in the summer or fall of 2010. “Cartoon Network is the place for fun and innovative programming for kids, and “The Garfield Show” will be a perfect addition to their line-up.  The show has been a delight to work on – the animation sparkles, and the stories are fun,” according to Garfield cartoonist Jim Davis.  “In the United Kingdom, nearly half of the audience was over 15, so we’re relying on Garfield to entertain the whole family in the United States as well.”

Since its debut in France, the show attracted a record audience for the network.  In the U.K., the debut show became the top rated show on the network. Since then, it has consistently been in the top three shows for the network.  A production of Paws, Inc. and Dargaud Media, a Paris-based animation and publishing company, the show features the corpulent kitty and the world he lives in, including his owner, the dull but decent Jon Arbuckle, the happy-go-lucky pup Odie, the cloying “cutest kitten in the world,” Nermal, and Garfield’s permanent houseguest, Squeak the mouse. New characters include Vito, owner of the “world’s best pizza” parlor, Eddy Gourmand, an eccentric food critic, Harry, the ne’er-do-well alley cat, as well as assorted colorful characters from Garfield’s neighborhood and the occasional visitor from the world beyond. Through situations both fantastic and familiar, Garfield entertains with his unique point-of-view and his sarcastic wit. The fully-animated half-hour television series features 26 episodes, each with two complete stories.  The show is animated in CGI with 3D tools, and appears in High Definition.  It is available in both English and Spanish languages. The show is produced in France under the direction of Robert Réa, Director General, and Philippe Vidal, creative director.   Jim Davis, creator of Garfield, and Mark Evanier, a writer for the highly successful “Garfield and Friends” TV show (CBS-TV), helped pen dozens of episodes of “The Garfield Show,” along with French writers including Julien Magnat, Philippe Vidal, and Peter Berts.

About Dargaud Media: Dargaud Media is a company which produces animated cartoons for children. Amongst their productions to be found on French and foreign television are: Billy & Buddy, Time Jam: Valerian & Laureline, The New Adventures of Lucky Luke, Mister Men, and many more. Dargaud media has a marvelous collection of images and continues to produce 2 to 3 new series every year.

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