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‘Game of Thrones’ Projects Shelved in Wake of HBO Max Shakeup

According to the famed franchise’s creator, while crowd favorite ‘House of the Dragon’ will move forward to its second season, all other spinoffs not yet greenlit have been ‘shelved.’

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin has given a troubling update on the status of multiple franchise projects currently in development. While extremely successful prequel series House of the Dragon is moving forward with a second season, some other spinoffs have been adversely affected by recent upheaval in the wake of HBO Max’s massive programming shakeup.

Martin admitted in his blog, Not A Blog, “some [spinoffs] are moving faster than others, as is always the case with development. None have been greenlit yet, though we are hoping… maybe soon.” While concerning news, the GoT franchise is nowhere near dead. The A Song of Ice and Fire author explains that while some projects, “have been shelved,” they are not done and gone. “You can take something off the shelf as easily as you can put it on the shelf,” he assures.

Despite growing pains over the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, no sane exec would keep any such spinoffs shelved for long. The franchise is worth its weight in gold, as are its stellar ratings. Crossing fingers Snow, the series which focuses on the psychological aftermath of Jon Snow killing of Daenerys, gets a swift greenlight in the new year.

In other, more positive news, Martin also mentions that his series Wild Cards at Peacock is alive, well, and still in development.

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