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‘Game of Thrones’ May Get the Animated Treatment

The rumored series is just one of many ‘GOT’ extended universe projects being considered for HBO Max, with no creative team currently on board.

Trend alert! Joining the pantheon of live-action-turned-animated-series will be…another Game of Thrones prequel? According to Deadline, the concept is just one of many GOT extended universe projects being considered for HBO Max. These projects have been shifting rapidly, with House of the Dragon and Tales of Dunk & Egg the only two series greenlit so far.

Per the very vague article, “The idea is believed [to be] in very early, exploratory stages, and there is no concept or creative team on board.” Is this speculation even worth mentioning? With half a dozen prequel and sequel projects being passed around, only time will tell which ones can be titled “victor.” We for one would love an anime-style Game of Thrones series. Just put Studio Mir on it and call it a day.

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