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Gabriella Ferri Wins i Castelli Animati

The 14th edition of i Castelli Animati ended on November 29, 2009 with the announcement of its awards.

The 14th edition of i Castelli Animati ended on November 29, 2009 with the announcement of its awards.

Grand PrizeLIFE WITHOUT GABRIELLA FERRI, Priit and Olga Parn, EstoniaA complex, sensual and heart-wrenching film, full of humanity and hope, which conveys poetically the power of love and the ability to be born again to a new life.

Special Jury PrizeWALLACE & GROMIT: A MATTER OF LOAF AND DEATH, Nick Park, United KingdomBecause it’s always a pleasure!

Best First FilmALMA, Rodrigo Blaas, SpainFor the high quality of production. A touching film, without imperfections, a quality even more appreciated in a first work.

Best European FilmLES ESCARGOT DE JOSEPH, Sophie Roze, FranceA beautiful film which teaches children that growing up also means opening ourselves to others.

Best Italian FilmIL RE DELL’ISOLA, Raimondo Della CalceA touching story with a strong message about what children expect from their parents. One of the best films for children at the Festival.

Best non-narrative FilmVIDEOGIOCO, Donato Sansone, ItalyFor the masterful use of a unique technique.

Special MentionsINK, Justine Wallace, AustraliaFor the courage to tell an intimate story. Graffiti becomes animation, with a wonderful sound track.

LEONARDO, Jim Capobianco, USAFor the way in which humour is used to attract children to art and culture.

BIRTH, Signe Baumane, USA/FranceFor the courage to tell, without prejudice, the tormented story of a young woman facing maternity.

Audience PrizeIL RE DELL’ISOLA, Raimondo Della Calce, ItalyFabrizio Bellocchio Prize For Social ContentPIERCING 1, Liu Jian, ChinaFor the desire and courage in producing, as an independent author, a film about emargination, discrimination, corruption and violence, typical of capitalist, consumer societies which, too often, forget their own history and culture. A harsh way of life where there is no space for the consideration and integration of those less fortunate.

Fabrizio Bellocchio Special PrizeRECORDARE, Leonardo Carrano and Alessandro Pierattini, ItalyFor the high quality of the work, using unusual images set to the music of Mozart: the emotion of the final generous gesture of a man condemned to death – the donation of his body to medical science.

Italian Schools Of Animation CompetitionGrand PrizeSBAM, Enrica Casentini, Filippo Foglietti, Lorenzo Latrofa, Antonella Principe, Fabio Santomauro, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia - Animazione

Special Jury PrizeLA RELIQUIA RIVOLTOSA, Giovanna Lo Palco, Pamela Poltronieri, Giulia Rivolta,Francesco Tagliavia, Stefano Tambellini, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia - AnimazioneFor daring to choose a traditional subject, treating it in a humorous way using animation effectively in an attractive mix of graphics, words and sound.

Special MentionI DUE RE E I DUE LABIRINTI, Mike Bacchin, Federico Gaggero, Elisa Groli, Sebastiano Le Noel, elisa Pelizzoni, Valentina Picili, Istituto Europeo di Design di MilanoA graphic re-visitation of the oriental imaginary world between tradition and contemporaneousness.

Fabrizio Bellocchio PrizeI DUE RE E I DUE LABIRINTIAn elegant professional work which shows the high level of the young animators, a reality rather than a promise of the Italian panorama.

I Castelli Animati - Repubblica XL Web CompetitionGrand PrizeAGASOGO TELIVEREK NEW GENERATION, Andrea FalboFor the rich maturity of the graphics, which promotes the work to the level of a real artistic, creative and innovative film.


Musicanimata CompetitionGrand PrizeLADY, Marco PavoneJoint winner withPORPORA, Tommaso Cerasuolo

Special MentionSKATE, Sonia Cucculelli

Virus PrizeAssigned by the satirical column in l’Unità, national daily newspaperTHE LADY AND THE REAPER, Javier Recio Gracia, SpainFor the irreverent way in which a politically and ethically controversial question is addressed: the right to live or die.

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