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G-Force Takes Over Box Office

Disney's live-action/CGI kiddie actioner G-FORCE (vfx by Asylum VFX, Hatch Production and Sony Pictures Imageworks) won its debut weekend at the box office with $31.7M, taking over from last week's winner, HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE.

Warner Bros.' HARRY (vfx by ILM and Double Negative and CEG Media, Cinesite, Foreign Office, Gentle Giant Studios, Kerner Optical, Moving Picture Company, Plowman Craven & Associates, Rising Sun Pictures and The Visual Effects Company) dropped more than 62 percent in its second week out, placing second with $29.5M for a total cume of $221.3M.

Romantic comedy THE UGLY TRUTH (Sony, vfx by Furious FX, Gradient Effects, LOOK! Effects, Luma Pictures and Proof) opened in third place with $27.6M.

Fourth place went to horror opener ORPHAN (Warner Bros., vfx by Hybride Technologies, Lola Visual Effects, Image Engine Design, Prologue Films and Pacific Title and Art Studio) with $12.9M. Fox's ICE AGE: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS (animation by Blue Sky Studios) dropped to fifth place from second with $8.2M and in four weeks has a healthy gross of $171.5M.

In sixth place was TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN (Paramount/DreamWorks) with $8.1M and a five-week cume of $379.2M, with vfx from ILM and Asylum VFX, Digital Domain, Kerner Optical and Proof. Warner Bros.' THE HANGOVER continues to drop only a little each week, coming in seventh in its eighth week in release with $6.5M and a total gross of $247.07M.

Disney's THE PROPOSAL (vfx by Brickyard VFX) also continues to do well, dropping to eighth place with $6.4M and a six-week take of $140.04M.

Historical drama PUBLIC ENEMIES (Universal, vfx by CafeFX, Pixel Playground) placed ninth with $4.35M and a four week cume of $88.3M and Universal's BRUNO made another $2.8M for a total take of $56.6M in three weeks and placed 10th.

In animated features, Disney/Pixar's UP made another $1.7M and in nine weeks has earned $283.7M. MONSTERS VS. ALIENS (Paramount/DreamWorks Animation) made $134,194 and in 18 weeks has pulled in $197.8M. $9.99 from Regent made $594 and in 12 weeks has made $35,989. And BATTLE FOR TERRA (Lionsgate) made just $78 for a total 13-week cume of $1.6M.

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