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FXhome’s ‘Pay What You Want’ Initiative to Support COVID-19 Response

Campaign to provide financial support to those on the front lines providing care and healing to individuals and communities impacted by the global pandemic. 

NORWICH, UK -- FXhome has announced it is adding Partners in Health, Doctors Without Borders and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy  as new beneficiaries of the FXhome ‘Pay What You Want’ initiative.  It has also extended its campaign to support these new causes from one month to three months, beginning in April and running through the end of June 2020.

Given the global impact of Covid-19 on the FXhome community and the world at large, the company has decided to extend its program in an effort to support those who are putting their lives on the line to provide care and healing to those impacted by the global pandemic. A percentage of all proceeds of revenues generated during this time period will be donated to each cause.

What is FXhome ‘Pay What You Want?’

‘Pay What You Want’ is a good will program in support of the HitFilm Express community and is inspired by the community’s desire to contribute to the future development of HitFilm Express, the company’s free video editing and VFX software.

In response, FXhome designed an entirely new initiative that enables users to contribute financially, ensuring that those funds will be allocated for future development and improvements to HitFilm. FXhome is also contributing a percentage of the proceeds to organizations dedicated to global causes important to the company and its community.

How it Works: You Buy More, We Give More

Last month, a percentage of the proceeds from FXhome ‘Pay What You Want’ were provided in support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The larger the contribution from customers, the more FXhome will donate.

HitFilm Express remains a free download. However, first-time customers will now be offered the option to ‘Pay What You Want’ on the software and receive some exclusive, deep discounts on HitFilm add-on packs and effects.

For new customers who would like to download HitFilm Express and also contribute to the ‘Pay What You Want’ program, there are three options available:

Starter Pack Level: With a contribution as little as $9.00 USD, new HitFilm Express 14 customers will also receive a free ‘Starter Pack’ of software and effects that includes: 

  • Professional dark mode interface
  • Edit tools including Text, Split Screen Masking, PiP, Vertical Video, Action Cam Crop
  • Color tools including Exposure, Vibrance, Shadows & Highlights, Custom Gray, Color Phase, Channel Mixer and 16-bit color
  • Additional VFX packs including Shatter, 3D Extrusion, Fire, Blood Spray and Animated Lasers

Content Creator Level: With contributions of $19.00 or more, customers will receive everything included in the Starter Pack, as well as:

  • Edit: Repair Pack with Denoise, Grain Removal and Rolling Shutter
  • Color: LUT Pack with LUTs and Grading Transfer
  • Edit: Beautify Pack with Bilateral Blur and Pro Skin Retouch

VFX Artist Level: This level offers customers who contribute from $39.00 to $99.00 USD everything in the Starter Pack Level and Content Creator Level, and adds:

  • Composite Toolkit Pack with Wire Removal, Projector, Clone and Channel Swapper
  • Composite Pro-Keying Pack for Chroma Keying
  • Motion Audio Visual Pack with Atomic Particles, Audio Spectrum and Audio Waveform
  • VFX Neon Lights Pack with Lightsword Ultra (2-Point Auto), Lightsword Ultra (4-Point Manual), Lightsword Ultra (Glow Only) and Neon Path
  • VFX Lighting Pack with Anamorphic Lens Flares, Gleam, Flicker and Auto Volumetrics

More details on the FXhome ‘Pay What You Want’ initiative is available here.  

Pricing and Availability

HitFilm Express 14 is available immediately and is an entirely free download. Customers downloading HitFilm Express 14 for the first time are eligible to participate in the new ‘Pay What You Want’ initiative. Free effects and software packs offered in conjunction with ‘Pay What You Want’ are only available at initial download of HitFilm Express 14. For more information, or to download HitFilm Express14, click here.  

Source: FXhome