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FX Sneaks ‘Little Demon’ Clip

Aubrey Plaza, Lucy DeVito, and Danny DeVito star in the new animated FX comedy about a mom, her 13-year-old Antichrist daughter, and her father, who’s literally the devil, coming to FXX and Hulu this August.

FX has sneaked a peak at Aubrey Plaza and Danny DeVito’s new animated comedy Little Demon, which debuts on FXX August 25 (and Hulu the next day). Written by Darcy Fowler, Seth Kirschner, and Kieran Valla, the half-hour show, greenlit back in April 2020, follows the journey of a mother (Plaza) and her 13-year-old Antichrist daughter (Lucy DeVito) as they try to live a normal life in Delaware. However, hijinks ensue when the father, the literal Devil (Danny DeVito), interferes with monstrous forces and nefarious plans to gain custody of his daughter’s soul. 

Plaza serves as an executive producer along with Fowler, Kirschner, Valla, Dan Harmon, Jersey Films 2nd Avenue’s Jake, Lucy, and Danny DeVito, and ShadowMachine (Monica Mitchell, Corey Campodonico, and Alex Bulkley). Steve Levy serves as a producer on the project. Little Demon is produced by FX Productions.

In the clip, father meets daughter for the first time in rather fiery circumstances - we also learn about a place hipsters call “The Fringe,” the central hub of all unearthly realms, that’s “kind of like The Port Authority, but with much, much, much more urine and fewer bomb threats!”

Sounds like the perfect setting for some influencer selfies...

Check it out!

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