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The Future is Wild in Discovery Kids' New Evolutionary Series

Discovery Kids has announced the upcoming launch of THE FUTURE IS WILD, a new animated series inspired by Animal Planet's CGI documentary specials of the same name. The cutting-edge show turns natural history on its head with scientifically valid predictions for new life forms that seem out of this world, but could really exist millions of years from now. THE FUTURE IS WILD will debut with two back-to-back episodes on Saturday, October 13 at 6:30 pm (EST), joining Discovery Kids' Saturday night RealToons block of animated series -- GROSSOLOGY, TUTENSTEIN and GROWING UP CREEPIE -- that airs from 6-8 pm (EST).

Jam-packed with adventure, the series will also have kids rolling with laughter during scenes that feature the perspective of the bizarre futuristic creatures, such as the bickering "Spitfire beetles" who try repeatedly (and fail) to trap a "Spitfire bird" by disguising themselves as flowers, or the competing electric "Lurkfish," who hope to make one of the protagonists their next meal. Each episode also features the hilarious antics of the "adopted" pet and mischievous sidekick "Squibby," an evolved squid that has the dexterity of a gibbon and is the most intelligent of all the species 200 million years into the future.

Like its Animal Planet documentary counterpart, THE FUTURE IS WILD is based on current thinking from leading scientists, whose well-founded speculation addresses the environmental and genetic elements that affect evolutionary development, while the cutting-edge animation brings a bold new design aesthetic and whole new approach to computer-animated television.

THE FUTURE IS WILD is produced for Discovery Kids by Nelvana. Irene Weibel is executive producer for Nelvana. John Adams, of John Adams Television (who also produced THE FUTURE IS WILD documentaries for Animal Planet) is executive producer. For Discovery Kids, Erin Wanner is executive producer.

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