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Fuel VFX Feeds the Love for Leggo’s

Fuel VFX teamed up with Director Bruce Hunt and Revolver for “Pasta Loves Leggo’s” via BWM Melbourne.

Announcement from Fuel VFX:

FUEL VFX has once again worked with Director Bruce Hunt and Revolver for Leggo’s, via BWM Melbourne. “Pasta Loves Leggo’s” is a follow up to the hugely successful “Rhapsody in Red” commercial, except this time a crescendo of veggies have been added to create a chunky sauce, followed by large helpings of pasta.

Fuel's VFX Supervisor Dave Morley: “We wanted to take this commercial to the next level and build on what we did for 'Rhapsody in Red', so we have more texture, more steam, more splashes and more atmosphere. It also compliments the theme, 'Rhapsody' is clean and smooth and this one is 'chunkier' with detail.”

Fuel artists hand animated the veggies and pasta to ensure they had the necessary detail to transition well between the live action shots and the CG versions. A lot of attention was paid to the models and texturing of all CG props and FX elements, including the brass horn which is modeled off of antique French-style horns with the scale of brass beer vats.

Sauce simulations were created with RealFlow, steam elements with Maya Fluids. The spot was lit and rendered entirely in Maxwell and composited with a combination of Nuke and Flame.

“Pasta Loves Leggo's” was finished and graded by Ben Eagleton at Fuel. It aired in Australia on February 5, 2012.


Client:   Leggo’s (Simplot Australia) Agency:   BWM Melbourne Exec Creative Director:  Rob Belgiovane Creative Director:   Shaun Branagan Agency Producer:   Sonia McLaverty             Head of On Screen:   Abby Hunt Creative Group Head: Gus Johnston Writer/AD:  Gus Johnston   Director:   Bruce Hunt Production Company:  Revolver Executive Producer:  Michael Ritchie Prod Co Producer:   Pip Smart Editing:    Sue Schweikert @ Guillotine   VFX:   Fuel VFX

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