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FUEL Shows Some Spirit

THE SPIRIT is the much-anticipated feature film adaptation of Will Eisner's legendary comic-strip of the same name. It is a visually striking action-adventure-romance directed by Frank Miller, the acclaimed creator of the graphic and gritty 300 and SIN CITY.

FUEL is the largest visual effects vendor on the project, with just more than 300 shots in production, and created all the visual effects shots for the teaser trailer -- which is the very first look at any images from the film.

The film follows the story of a rookie cop who is gunned down while on duty and mysteriously returns from the dead as THE SPIRIT, a smooth crime-fighting ladies-man who's heart ultimately belongs to his beloved hometown, Central City.

Watch the preview here:

THE SPIRIT opens in U.S. theaters in early 2009. See the official site of the film at

Director: Frank MillerProduction Company: Oddlot EntertainmentVFX Hub: The OrphanageSenior VFX Supervisor: Stu MaschwitzSenior VFX Producer: Nancy St John

Fuel VFX Supervisor: Dave MorleyFuel VFX Producers: Jason Bath, Felix Crawshaw