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ftrack Review Launches Ahead of NAB 2019

Team behind project management application ftrack Studio introduces new collaborative media review platform for content creators.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Ahead of the upcoming NAB Conference and Expo, which kicks off in Las Vegas on Saturday, ftrack -- creators of ftrack Studio, the project management and production tracking application for the media and entertainment industry -- has announced the launch of ftrack Review.

A new standalone product in the ftrack family, ftrack Review is a cloud-based collaborative media review and approval tool designed for creative teams who must iterate on media and gain feedback from stakeholders. Whereas providing feedback via email can be inefficient and lead to confusion, ftrack Review helps content creators to efficiently and visually communicate with clients via a web browser.

Users simply upload media using ftrack Review’s intuitive and modern UI, then share it anywhere in the world via a secure review link. As ftrack Review works directly via desktop or mobile web browser, clients, teammates and collaborators can access the review without needing to sign up or install additional software. They simply jump in and provide creative feedback in the form of comments and annotations, which are timestamped to the frame on which they’re made to keep communication in context.

ftrack Review’s visual approach and ease of use replaces confusion with clarity; iterative stagnation with creative momentum; and tangled email threads with centralized, frame-specific feedback.

“ftrack Review is fresh, simple and easy to use,” commented Chris Allen, Executive Producer, The Mill. “The ability to jump on a session and provide feedback from a desktop or phone is great for The Mill, where accessible, centralized and clear communication is vital to hit the quality level we’re known for. ftrack Review helps us to get there.”

“ftrack Review overhauls our existing review and approval platform, making it more accessible and user-friendly for any creative team to use,” added Fredrik Limsater, CEO and founder, ftrack. “Everyone from freelancers to marketing teams and global studios can use it to increase the effectiveness of their feedback cycles. And if users need to scale, ftrack Studio’s powerful production tracking platform is there to take things to the next level.”

The features available in ftrack Review include:

  • Browser-based and mobile friendly: Review via desktop or mobile web browsers. External collaborators don’t need to install software or an app to join in – they simply follow a link via whatever device they’re using.
  • In-context feedback: Annotations and comments are timestamped to the frame on which they’re made and can easily be sorted by order, eliminating miscommunication and reducing feedback cycles.
  • Multiple media types, not just video: ftrack Review is media agnostic. Collaborate on a vast range of formats both video and image, including multi-page PDF.
  • Custom branding: Brand review sessions with your company logo – this replaces the ftrack branding for a more personal touch.
  • Media library & automatic versioning: The media library keeps everything neatly organised and error-free. Simply stack assets to version up.
  • Scale up to ftrack Studio: Unlock the full ftrack production tracking experience by upgrading to ftrack Studio when teams need more than just review and approval.
  • Internal reviews: Team members can use the same collaborative review features for external client review for internal, team-based review sessions.
  • PDF output of session activity: Export PDF summary, this round-up of comments and activity keeps all collaborators on the same page.
  • 250 GB of storage: Every workspace gets 250 GB of storage and unlimited projects, review sessions and participants for uncompromised, free-flowing collaboration.

ftrack Review is available today at $15 a month per user with 250 GB of storage per workspace. Additional storage options are also available for purchase.

From now until 31st May 2019, users are able to purchase ftrack Review at 50% off with an annual subscription.

ftrack Review is currently available as a standalone product. The new client review player will be added to ftrack Studio later this month – the extensive project management and production tracking solution for teams in the creative industries.

All ftrack Review plans start with a 7-day free trial. Users can try ftrack Review for free today at

ftrack will be showcasing ftrack Review at NAB Show 2019. Attendees can book a meeting to see the product in action at NAB over at the ftrack website.

Source: ftrack

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