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ftrack Now Available with Real-Time Media Review Synchronization

Media review platform design improvements provide instant remote collaboration for global teams.

STOCKHOLM -- ftrack, developer of project management and media review software for the creative industry, has announced that real-time synchronized media review is now available in ftrack Review and ftrack Studio. Synchronized media review connects creatives more closely and joins several other new features across the platform designed to improve remote collaboration for global teams.

Synchronized creativity:

Synchronized media review in ftrack Review and ftrack Studio puts collaboration at the heart of every interaction. Actions performed in a remote creative review session – such as jotting down feedback, sketching on an image, or jumping to a different video frame or PDF page – will display on all participants’ screens simultaneously. Participants working across the office, or halfway around the world, will see the same frame at the same time in high resolution and with full-speed playback.

Synchronized review sessions in ftrack Review and ftrack Studio are responsive and accurate, unlike streaming, which is dependent on bandwidth, or screen sharing, which is often low resolution and delayed. Participants can add comments asynchronously, in their own time, but can convert the review to a synchronized session at any point.

Synchronized media review is powered by the same technology as the award-winning review and approval tool cineSync, which ftrack acquired in October 2019. Synchronized media review is included for all ftrack Studio and ftrack Review workspaces for a maximum of two simultaneous participants, or more with the Review Pro add-on.

The Review Pro add-on:

The Review Pro add-on boosts review cycles by enabling more people to provide simultaneous feedback on higher-quality media. It is available for both ftrack Review and ftrack Studio workspaces and provides the following:

  • 10 maximum simultaneous sync participants (increased from two)
  • 500 GB total storage (increased from 250 GB)
  • 2160p (4K) maximum video resolution (increased from 1080p)

“When ftrack acquired Cospective, the creator of cineSync, we promised new features born of the team's remote review expertise,” commented ftrack CEO, Fredrik Limsäter. “Synchronized media review in ftrack is the first of those updates. ftrack with sync empowers creative teams to work in creative unity no matter the distance that separates them. This goal is more important to us now than ever. We’re excited to work on even more features that harmonize creative teams and focus review cycles on what matters most: the art.”

Accompanying features added to ftrack Review and ftrack Studio

Sync arrives alongside several other enhancements to ftrack's media review capability:

  • Side-by-side media comparison: Compare two versions of the same asset side-by-side.
  • Increased default resolution: Max 1080p video resolution (4K resolution available via Review Pro add-on) and max 8192 x 8192 px image resolution.
  • Enhanced image review: PNG support with transparency.

ftrack Studio 4.5

The above features, and the Review Pro add-on, arrive for ftrack Studio users in ftrack Studio 4.5, available now. The new review features accompany several other product updates:

  • Improved producer workflows: Spreadsheets, versions, and timeline views.
  • Duplicate workflow schemas: Start new projects, faster.
  • API performance improvements: Faster API queries to speed up project management.

Source: ftrack