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French Authorities Kill Imagina

French authorities, through INA (Audiovisual National Institute), have pulled their support of Imagina, the foremost European visual effects event. For 19 years, Imagina has served as the testing ground for new talents and technologies in Europe. In the past few years the event has drawn over 1,300 participants and 5,000 visitors. A group has been formed to save the festival. Anyone who wishes to sign the petition can on the Web. Currently, over 650 people have signed the document urging INA not to back out of Imagina.

Read Jeff Kleiser, co-founder of Kleiser-Walczak, to find out his impressions of Imagina 2000 in Animation World Magazine.

Read Animation World Magazine article ImagIna `99: Innovative Villages and Dancing Babies by Stephane Singier to find out why 1999 was a big year for the event.

Valérie Rivoallon profiles INA, the National Audiovisual Institute, which is dedicated to the preservation and development of French audiovisual heritage, through research, education and high-profile exhibitions.

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