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Frederator Teams with Anima Estudios for Spanish-Language Animation Network

Newly formed Átomo Network will act as one of the world’s largest recruiters and incubators of Spanish-language animation.

NEW YORK -- Frederator Networks, owners of Channel Frederator Network, the world's largest animation network, have partnered with Ánima Estudios, the largest Latin-American animation studio, to create the Átomo Network.

The newly formed Átomo Network will also act as one of the world’s largest recruiters and incubators of Spanish-language animation. The Átomo Network will provide its network members the same services, resources, promotion and unparalleled audience development and programming expertise as The Channel Frederator Network. In addition to this the Átomo Network will be providing translation and dubbing services to select members of The Channel Frederator Network, to help their English language channels and shows expand their audiences to Spanish-speaking audiences. The Átomo Network will also provide creators access to Hispanic-specific promotions and licensing opportunities, and the ability to build projects both on and off the YouTube platform. The Channel Frederator Network and Ánima Estudios have made an initial investment of more than a million dollars to launch the network. The companies have set up offices in New York City, Burbank, Madrid, and Mexico City to most effectively develop Átomo Network into a true global Spanish language entertainment powerhouse.

Under the Átomo Network banner, the Átomo Network YouTube channel will debut with original Spanish-language cartoons from Ánima Estudios and localized versions of some of Channel Frederator’s biggest breakout hits including the 107 Facts series, Tooned Up and Cartoon Conspiracy. As the network grows the Átomo Network YouTube channel will be adding more programming to feature and promote network members’ channels and videos.

Fred Seibert, CEO of Frederator Networks, commented, “We’re seeing huge scalability in online content in the Spanish-language vertical, especially within Central and Latin America, and an appetite for next generation animation. Our partnership with Ánima Estudios enables us to deliver on what this global audience is seeking by introducing them to the amazing content and creators of the Channel Frederator Network.”

“After building our reputation in feature films and TV series for almost 15 years, we believe it is a natural progression for us to take a leap into the online animation world,” remarked Fernando de Fuentes, President & CEO Ánima Estudios. “We could not ask for a better partner than Frederator to make this happen.”

“Átomo Network will definitely mark a whole new era in animation for all Spanish-speaking audiences. There is a huge talent pool of creators én Espanol and we want to support them,” said José Carlos García de Letona, COO & Executive Vice President Ánima Estudios.

The Channel Frederator Network continues to thrive with viewership and number of channels at an all-time high. Over the past year, The Channel Frederator Network increased their channels from 1200 to 2500, while also increasing viewership numbers from 120 million to 540 million views. The network has a global audience of 40 million subscribers and features channels from more than 100 different countries.  Average growth rate for the channels in the network is 12 percent month over month. 

Ánima Estudios’ impact on the Spanish-language entertainment industry continues to grow and they have an established presence in more than 30 countries.  In the past year they released three feature films theatrically and premiered two television shows. They have created and will produce Netflix’s first ever animated original series commissioned from Latin America, premiering globally in 2017. 

Source: Frederator Networks