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Frederator Launches ‘Get in the Robot’ Anime Club on YouTube

New digital channel will provide anime fans with expert commentary on top shows like ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and ‘Attack on Titan.’

Get in the Robot anime club will provide fans a place learn more about shows like ‘Attack on Titan.’

NEW YORK, NY -- Frederator Studios, A WOW! Unlimited Media company known for popular shows in the animation space including Bee and Puppycat, Bravest Warriors, and most recently Netflix’s Castlevania, has launched the first video anime club called Get in the RobotGet in the Robot is a new digital channel for people who have just gotten into anime and want to know more, as well as a place for existing anime enthusiasts. The platform, where fans can learn more about their favorite shows, will feature expert commentary about the art form and specific series including Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia, and Attack on Titan. Frederator also plans to extend the digital anime club into offline touchpoints including events and merchandise.

The channel will feature entertaining programming and relatable talent, with experts who will appear across programs, all having a broad knowledge base and passion for anime.  They include Curtis Richardson, an animator and collegiate track and field star; Yedoye Travis, a big fan of Dragon Ball Z and comedian who integrates anime into his comedy; and Cristal Marie, a musician and veteran Frederator show host who started an anime convention in the Dominican Republic. Get in the Robot also aims to be a gateway for people who are curious about anime, taking a deliberate approach to the channel’s visual design, tone of voice, and properties covered to appeal to a wider, more casual audience.

Jeremy Rosen, VP of Programming & Networks at Frederator said, “We feel strongly that anime is going to break mainstream in a strong way over the next 12 to 18 months, and we want to grow with it. The team here represents a spectrum of anime fans and we realized there's a huge pool of underserved fans who aren't interested in gatekeeping, antagonistic fandom. They want to get hyped together and enjoy these shows together. Our goal with Get in the Robot is to serve those fans and grow that welcoming, fun aspect of western anime fandom.”

Frederator Networks, which merged with Rainmaker Studios and EHE to form WOW! Unlimited Media in 2016, is a pioneer in talent and cartoon development and distribution, known worldwide for animated hits across platforms, as well as for galvanizing and cultivating a 3,000-member community of animation, art, gaming and entertainment-focused creators through their Channel Frederator Network.

Source: Frederator Networks