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Fred-Ex offers Robotic Animation Collaboration

To celebrate Channel Frederator podcasts first anniversary, Frederator Studios has created Fred-Ex, an ongoing experiment in animation collaboration exploring the existence of robots. Frederator has assembled a global group of enthusiastic animation directors and creators to answer in a toon an age-old question: "What is it like to be a robot?"

THE SECRET LIFE OF ROBOTS is the first installment of the Fred-Ex series. Started in July, exec producers/contributing animators Dan Meth and Lee Rubenstein chose 15 Channel Frederator alumni to animate on the project, randomly matching each of them with a single word. They were given two months to produce 10-20 seconds of original content each, using their subject to depict a specific aspect of robot existence. The compilation film is a quirky look into the lives of robots, with each individual cartoon in it reflecting the creator's individual artistic style, and, at times, seriously twisted sense of humor.

Animation talent on Fred-Ex include Bernard Derriman (EVERYONE ELSE HAS HAD MORE SEX THAN ME), Doug Bresler (DOOGTOONS) and Seed Animation (FREE RANGE), as well as more than a dozen other filmmakers from five countries. THE SECRET LIFE OF ROBOTS merges merging Flash, stop-motion, hand-drawn, and 3D CGI techniques.

THE SECRET LIFE OF ROBOTS is available (as of Nov. 8, 2006) for free download at as the finale for the special year-anniversary of Channel Frederator podcast.

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