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France’s ‘Mune: Guardian of the Moon’ Set for U.S. Release

GKIDS acquires North American rights to French feature film from the producers of ‘The Little Prince’ with English language theatrical release set for early 2017.

NEW YORK -- Independent animation producer and distributor GKIDS has acquired North American distribution rights for the forthcoming animated feature Mune: The Guardian of the Moon. The French film is from ON Entertainment, the producers of the 2016 animated feature The Little Prince and will be released theatrically in a new English language version in early 2017. Mikros Image is the animation service provider.

“GKIDS has always championed international storytellers using the animation medium in new and exciting ways,” said GKIDS SVP of Distribution David Jesteadt. “We are proud to share the beautiful, bold world and rich mythology that infuse every frame of Mune: Guardian of the Moon with audiences nationwide.”

The film takes places in a fantastical world where a young faun named Mune is unexpectedly entrusted with the monumental title of Guardian of the Moon. Mune: The Guardian of the Moon was directed by Alexandre Heboyan and Benoît Philippon.

Mune: The Guardian of the Moon won the Young People’s Jury Award at the TIFF Kids International Film Festival and won Best Film at the Toyko Anime Awards. Composer Bruno Coulais was nominated for Soundtrack Composer of the Year at the World Soundtrack Awards for his work including the film’s score. The film was sold by Kinology, who is also a co-producer on the film.

Here’s the official synopsis:

As legend has it, the first Guardian of the Sun threw a harpoon into the cosmos and roped the sun to bring light and warmth to all of humanity. Then the Guardian of the Moon lured the moon to the Land of Darkness to provide a balance to the sun and supply the world with dreams. At a momentous ceremony to appoint the two new guardians, an accident seems to occur; the heir apparent is passed over, and the title Guardian of the Moon is bestowed on the waif-like Mune, a small and frightened forest faun who seems wholly unprepared to take on such a weighty responsibility. This news excites Necross, the nefarious ruler of the Underworld, a corrupted ex-guardian who decides to take advantage of Mune’s weakness and steal back the sun for himself. Now it is up to unlikely hero Mune and his friend Glim -- a headstrong young girl with wax for skin -- to save the sun and restore order to the world.

In case you haven’t already seen it, watch the French language trailer in the player below:

Source: GKIDS

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