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FOX Won't Air Family Guy Abortion Episode

FOX has ruled they won't air an upcoming episode of FAMILY GUY dealing with abortion, reports THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER's James Hibberd.

Producers talked about plans for the episode, titled "Partial Terms of Endearment," at last weekend's Comic-Con in San Diego. The episode is produced by sister company 20th TV.

Fox said in a statement, "Fox will not air the 'Partial Terms of Endearment' episode of 'Family Guy,' but we fully support the producers' right to make the episode and distribute it in whatever way they want."

Series creator Seth MacFarlane knew the episode was unlikely to air on network TV and is planning to distribute it via DVD. "20th Century Fox, as always, allowed us to produce the episode and then said, 'You know what? We're scared to f--king death of this,'" MacFarlane said. When asked for further comment, he said via email: "Clearly my sarcasm doesn't come across in print. I completely support whatever decision Fox makes. We were allowed to take a crack at this controversial story and that's enough for me."

In 2000, "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" was not telecast on the network, but it later aired in syndication and was on the show's DVD set. A controversial episode is likely to boost the DVD sales when the season set is released.

Details about the content of the episode were not given.