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Fox takes over FAMILY GUY

Animation company Film Roman has announced that due to productiondifferences Fox will take over production responsibilities on June 1 forFamily Guy, which is currently in production on its second season. Theprimetime show Family Guy airs at 8:30 pm on Sunday in the coveted spotafter The Simpsons and has been a hit with biting, racy humor. While Foxspokespeople say that it will be handled "in-house," a specific division orFox-owned company has yet to be named. Film Roman, which produced 15episodes of Seth MacFarlane's show, will continue to produce The Simpsonsand King Of The Hill. Film Roman has made bold moves over the course of thepast two years to become a larger force in animation by, among otherthings, creating an aggressive development slate, and hiring such industryleaders as Eric Radomski (Batman, Spawn).