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Fox Kids announces ambitious fall lineup

Fox Kids Network is adding seven new animated series (146 new episodes) and nine returning series (121 new episodes) to its fall '99 slate of weekday afternoon and Saturday morning programming. The new shows for Fox are NASCAR SUPERCHARGERS (13 episodes/Saban), which features the adventures of four young NASCAR racecar drivers; 13 episodes of SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED (13 episodes/Saban), with the famed web-slinger; THE AVENGERS (13 episodes/Saban in association with Marvel), based on the classic Marvel comic series and not the recent box office flop; BIG GUY AND RUSTY THE BOY ROBOT (26 episodes/Columbia Tri-Star Children's Programming), based on the Dark Horse series about an unlikely robotic duo who protect the Earth; BEAST HUNTERS (13 episodes/Mainframe), a BEAST WARS spin-off; CYBER 9 (13 episodes/Saban Entertainment), a futuristic journey of a young man's quest to become king of a brave new world; and BEAST WARS (52 episodes/Mainframe), the popular CG-show which joins the network from syndication. Returning series are GODZILLA: THE SERIES, THE SECRET FILES OF THE SPYDOGS, MAD JACK THE PIRATE, WOODY WOODPECKER, THE MAGICIAN and SPIDER-MAN.