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Foundry Slashes Sparks Prices as Autodesk Revokes License

The Foundry has significantly reduced prices on plug-ins for Autodesk advanced systems, as it is no longer part of the Autodesk Authorized Developer Network program and can no longer guarantee continued development or support.

The decision follows notification by Autodesk that it will not renew its development license with The Foundry, citing competitive issues. The decision ends Autodesk's 12-year development relationship with The Foundry and its users.

Autodesk has provided a non-binding, verbal assurance to The Foundry that may be sufficient to enable The Foundry to continue supporting Autodesk plug-in products (Sparks). Due to the uncertain nature of this assurance, The Foundry can only guarantee "best effort" support to its Autodesk plug-in customers at this time. The Foundry is also unable to predict whether it will be able to develop or support future releases on Autodesk systems platforms.

The Foundry, formed in 1996, was the first developer of Sparks on Discreet Logic's Flame systems and has continued to bring its Academy Award-winning technology to digital artists worldwide through a variety of highly regarded and popular plug-in products including Tinder, Furnace and Keylight.

Reduced pricing On Node Locked Autodesk Plug-Ins - effective January 1, 2009

Furnace GUI -- $1,000/GBP 650 + VATTinder GUI -- $1,000/GBP 650 + VATKeylight GUI -- $500/GBP325 + VATFree Burn Licenses

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