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Foundry Releases Flix 6.4

New version streamlines story and editorial workflows with faster file transfer and uploads, UI improvements, and greater integration with Storyboard Pro.

Foundry, a leading developer of creative software for the Media, Entertainment and Digital Design industries, has released Flix 6.4.

Flix 6.4 focuses on improving the user workflows and ensuring the software is both efficient and seamless to use. The release will enhance users’ ability to communicate and collaborate between story and editorials, with a strong round trip that supports camera moves from SBP to Avid and back to SBP in Flix. Flix 6.4 will also import both full canvas PSDs and QuickTime rendered directly from Storyboard Pro.

The new version continues to build on speed and efficiency by introducing Transfer Utility V2, which allows file transfers and uploads to be processed 23% faster than Flix 6.3. The new Transfer Queue Table offers a clearer and more comprehensive UI to improve clarity and accessibility. The new interface allows both artists and production to be up-to-date and track their transfer processes. Users will also be able to see and organize uploads and downloads.

Thanks to the newly implemented saving system, the New Enabled UI will minimize downtime, to allow users much more freedom to work on current revisions and switch revisions, sequences, and shows while transfers are still ongoing.

According to Mariagrazia Petito Di Leo, Flix Product Manager, “With this new release, we are introducing innovative features to strengthen Flix as a studio-wide review tool. By significantly improving the round trip from SBP to Avid, we will enable seamless communication and collaboration between artists, directors and editors. With a more efficient and clear transfer process that supports faster and larger transfers, we see Flix becoming a standard solution for cross-departmental pipeline integration.”

Check out the Flix 6.4 features overview - the full list of program features can be found here.

Source: Foundry

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