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Foundry launches Nuke 11.1 with roster of new and enhanced features

Nuke Studio, NukeX, Hiero and HieroPlayer benefit from updated workflows in the latest instalment of Nuke 11.

LONDON -- The Foundry launched Nuke 11.1, bringing new features and updates to the industry-leading compositing tool.

Nuke 11.1 marks the next step in the continuous development of this cutting-edge series, with Nuke Studio, NukeX, Hiero and HieroPlayer all benefitting from features included in this latest installment. Users now can work faster and more efficiently, with more flexible management of files and easier analysis of their Nuke scripts.

Key features for this release include:

  • File localization system improvements: The Nuke family’s localization system has been updated to provide more granular control over when and which files are localized; while also introducing more visual cues to showcase the status of localized files, for a more intuitive experience. The Python API has been extended to allow developers to set system modes and localization policies programmatically. The API also provides the ability to set localization priority, apply policies based on read node type, and remove localised files according to specific criteria. 
  • Visual script diagnostics: Nuke’s performance profiling tools are now accessible within the UI, making it easier for artists to profile their scripts and identify areas possible areas for optimization. The new Profile node captures performance data for all upstream nodes and displays the results visually in a user-friendly panel. Profile data can be easily exported and viewed in another session of Nuke without the need to load the script or reprofile.
  • Expanded source clip properties in Nuke Studio: Properties for source clips in the Nuke Studio and Hiero timeline have been extended to offer more consistent properties with Read nodes in Nuke and create more efficient workflows across the Nuke Family. Source clip properties are now shown in a Nuke style Properties panel, consolidates existing options into a single location, providing faster access and greater control, as well as introducing a more consistent UI and workflow between Nuke and Nuke Studio. 

In addition, source clip properties are accessible through the same Python API as Nuke, improving scripting capabilities and reducing the development work required to integrate Nuke Studio into existing pipelines.

Nuke 11.1 goes live today and will be available for purchase on Foundry’s website and via accredited resellers. 

Source: The Foundry

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