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Foundry Launches Modo 13

First in a series of three installments of the highly anticipated Modo 13 series pushes further into design workflows, delivering native support for GPU-rendering with AMD Radeon ProRender.

LONDON -- Leading CG software developer Foundry has launched Modo 13.0, the first in a series of three installments of the highly anticipated Modo 13 Series.

Building on its status as the industry’s leading 3D modeling tool, the Modo 13 Series strengthens Modo’s robust animation, modeling and rendering capabilities with sizeable feature additions to boost artist creativity and allow for richer content creation and sharing.

Modo 13 introduces native GPU rendering with its first iteration of AMD Radeon ProRender alongside AMD’s popular denoising features. This hardware-agnostic, physically-based rendering engine leverages open industry standards to utilize a variety of GPU and CPU hardware.

“We are dedicated to empowering all types of digital artists in their quest to deliver creative results, faster. The Modo 13 Series will further these abilities within design creation workflows, visualization, and animation with a number of improvements focused on enhancing the creative flow,” Shane Griffith, Senior Product Manager, Foundry, commented.

“As an expert in the field of graphics processing, AMD partners with leading software innovators to push the boundaries of world-class visualization,” added Andrej Zdravkovic, Corporate Vice President of Software, AMD. “Engineering teams from both AMD and Foundry work side-by-side to develop and continuously refine the integration of hardware and software applications. With this close collaboration, we’re able to accelerate the creative process and power ground-breaking rendering solutions.”

With Modo 13, character artists can now non-destructively control layers of animation or easily override existing actions, while masking with the new Animation Layer system allows for individual aspects of an animation to be isolated and uniquely defined.

Other key features for Modo 13.0 include:

  • Modo Bridge: This feature now supports Unity and adds the same functionality that was present in the Unreal Bridge through a shared interface to streamline interaction with real-time scene creation.
  • MeshFusion adds Kit Fusing: Artists now have the ability to define only a portion of a mesh to be used for creating boolean operations.
  • Arrays: A powerful new extension to Modo’s procedural system that allows for advanced storage, manipulation, and output of data in a variety of forms, further enabling what technical artists can engineer in Modo.

For more information, visit Modo’s latest release page

Source: Foundry

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