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Foundry Launches Modo 11 Series, Introduces Subscription Licensing

First installment in new Modo 11 Series offers enhanced workflows and accelerated performance; new subscription-based model offers low monthly or annual payments with perpetual licenses still available for new and existing customers.

LONDON -- Creative software developer Foundry has launched Modo 11.0, the first instalment of the Modo 11 Series, alongside the introduction of a new subscription-based pricing model to provide customers with greater choice and convenience.

Cementing its position as an industry leader in 3D modelling, Modo 11 Series will enhance workflows for both direct and procedural modelling, MeshFusion advanced Booleans and UV editing. Performance is a focus across the series – especially animation, deformation and rigging – while a number of workflow enhancements improve overall productivity. The series also extends interoperability with other 2D and 3D applications in Modo’s ecosystem.

For the first time ever, Modo customers will be able to receive every software update and new release via a subscription-based service, Modo Subscription. At just $59 a month or $599 annually, subscription will allow users to access the latest versions, effectively budget their software costs and scale with project demands. The move will provide greater affordability to small and independent creative studios with lower entry costs to Modo software.

For individuals or businesses who would like to purchase a permanent Modo license, this option is still available at the same price, offering the benefit of license ownership. Perpetual licenses of Modo now also include maintenance, providing product updates and technical support over the one-year maintenance term. Existing Modo customers can attach maintenance to their license for $399 each year.

The log-in based licensing model of annual subscription and maintenance enables customers to easily move licenses from machine to machine, allowing them to work wherever they want.

“We understand how valuable Modo is to artists and visual design professionals, which is why we are committed to collecting feedback and suggestions for improvements. Our customers wanted enhanced performance, improved workflows and better integration with other Foundry applications, and the Modo 11 Series delivers a range of new features and updates to address this demand,” said Foundry chief product and customer officer Jody Madden. “We’re also responding to an increasing number of requests to offer more flexible pricing models to customers with the launch of our new subscription and maintenance options for Modo. Both subscription and maintenance will let customers take advantage of the latest features so they can enhance their skills using the latest technology available on the market.”

Modo 11.0, Modo Subscription and maintenance go live today and will be available for purchase on Foundry’s website and via accredited resellers.

Modo Subscription includes:

  • Every update and new release while a customer’s subscription remains valid, as soon as it’s available
  • Login-based licensing allowing customers to work on any machine, without the need to go through a manual license transfer process
  • Full access to Foundry’s support teams by email
  • Access to beta programs and technology previews

Modo Maintenance includes:

  • The ability for customers keep their license, even if they stop paying maintenance
  • Every update and new release while their maintenance remains valid, as soon as it’s available
  • The flexibility of login-based licensing to work where customers want
  • Full access to Foundry’s global Support teams by email
  • Access to beta programs and exclusive technology previews

Source: Foundry

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