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The Foundry Launches Hieroplayer

Computer graphics and visual effects software developer The Foundry launches a brand-new review tool for VFX.

LONDON – Computer graphics and visual effects software developer The Foundry has launched HIEROPLAYER, a brand new review tool for VFX.

HIEROPLAYER is a VFX review and playback tool built for artists. It gives NUKE users the power to playback every shot on the VFX timeline in context on their own workstation. This cost-effective tool is priced at £200 including one year’s maintenance.

A NUKE user with a HIEROPLAYER can export the shot or sequence that they are working on in NUKE, then play it back and review it in context with full audio on HIEROPLAYER’s VFX timeline. They will also have easy access to multiple versions of their shots.

Keep on top of reviews by:

Saving out projects for reference or passing back to HIERO and use shot tagging to add notes to shots on the timeline Acts as a flipbook tool and a place to create scratch edits, making it the perfect timeline tool for NUKE Stay organized and save time with media management capabilities that let artists create their own elements library to organize, sort and tag their VFX elementsView shots in context and get the right results faster with soft import of all media that NUKE can read plus audio and playback for individual artists Work seamlessly with NUKE out of the box with playback of all NUKE image formats, including multi-channel EXRs as well as audio,letting artists easily send clips back and forth between HIERO and NUKE Python scripting means HIEROPLAYER can be deeply integrated into any VFX pipeline

HIEROPLAYER also compliments HIERO, The Foundry’s shot management, conform and review toolset. With HIEROPLAYER NUKE users get access to a full HIERO project on their VFX workstation, allowing them to view and work on shots in the context of a conformed HIERO timeline so they can quickly review versions as soon as they have been rendered.

“HIEROPLAYER fills a function we know users have been crying out for,” Jack Binks, HIERO Product Manager, The Foundry. “Our price point is competitive with other products and it has obvious benefits for NUKE and HIERO users. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle.”

Source: The Foundry

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