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The Foundry Bringing the Future of VR and VFX to SIGGRAPH 2016

Developer of tools for CG content creation hosting behind-the-scenes presentations from a raft of customers including Pixar Animation Studios, MPC and Sony Pictures Imageworks.

The Foundry booth will play host to a raft of customers who will take SIGGRAPH attendees behind the scenes of high-profile film and TV projects, including ‘Finding Dory’ from Pixar Animation Studios.

The Foundry has announced its schedule for SIGGRAPH 2016, which is focused on showcasing how its technology and research projects are helping to bring to life some of the biggest VR and VFX hits of 2016.

The Foundry booth will play host to a raft of customers who will take SIGGRAPH attendees behind the scenes of some high-profile film and TV projects including Finding Dory (Pixar), The Jungle Book (MPC), Kubo and the Two Strings (LAIKA), Angry Birds (Sony Pictures Imageworks), Deadpool (Blur Studio) and The Flash (Deluxe’s Encore VFX). Additionally, Framestore LA will be showcasing Eyes on Gigi Hadid, its 360 video for BMW and Magnopus will be discussing their latest 360 experience, “The Argos File.”

In addition, The Foundry's award-winning research team will be giving a sneak peek of two new cloud technologies as part of its annual Tech Preview. Currently in the R&D phase, Pipeline in the Cloud and Project Bunsen will debut during the show.

“Our customers are at the heart of our business and The Foundry’s SIGGRAPH presence this year is a perfect reflection of that,” said The Foundry CEO Alex Mahon. “It’s a fantastic testament to the amazing relationships we have with our customers that so many of them are joining us to talk about how they use our technology to bring to life their incredible ideas. Coupled with a showcase of the mind-blowing work that’s coming from our research team, SIGGRAPH 2016 is set to be an exciting year for us.”

VR, a growing force, will see talks on CARA VR and a new use for MODO, while KATANA will see the first public unveiling of 2.5, as well as presentations from Pixar and 3Delight on recent integrations. Additional presentations for NUKE STUDIO, MARI and FLIX are also slated. Individual product demos will be available every morning starting at 9:30 a.m. Working with technology from over 25 partners including HP, NVIDIA, Lytro and Epic, The Foundry will demonstrate how collaborations are pushing the company into interesting new directions.

Beyond the booth, The Foundry will be presenting its latest research paper, developed in collaboration with University College London’s Visual Computing department. The session, entitled “Roto++: Accelerating Professional Rotoscoping using Shape Manifolds,” is running on Tuesday, 26 July, 10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m., Anaheim Convention Center, Ballroom E.

To see the full schedule of presentations and events, including customer, product and partner presentations, a Birds of a Feather session and details about the SIGGRAPH Educators breakfast, please visit the The Foundry’s SIGGRAPH website. The Foundry will be located in booth #641 and a selection of sessions will be livestreamed starting at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, July 27. To schedule a meeting with The Foundry or to view a demonstration during SIGGRAPH 2016, please request a demo.

Source: The Foundry

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