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Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends First Feature Movie Airs Nov. 23

The real and imaginary inhabits/stars of FOSTER'S HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS have lots to be thankful for Thanksgiving Day as they set off to star in their first Cartoon Network Studios original movie, GOOD WILT HUNTING, and a 12-hour marathon of the most thankful episodes on Thanksgiving, Thursday, Nov. 23, 2006. That and the characters are featured on a float that morning in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Favorite episodes of Mac, Bloo and the gang begin at 7:00 am on Cartoon Network and then GOOD WILT HUNTING will premiere at 7:00 pm, where viewers will meet the imaginary friends' creators for the first time.

In GOOD WILT HUNTING, Wilt again has no visitor at the Foster's Creator Reunion Picnic, so the lonely guy sets out across the country in hopes of reuniting with his long lost creator. Bloo and the Foster's gang set out on a road trip to find him. Hindered by Bloo's far-out theories and Wilt's overly good nature, the chase takes many unexpected twists and turns as viewers come to learn about Wilt's mysterious past.

The movie was written by Lauren Faust (also supervising producer) with series creator Craig McCracken serving as art director/director/story editor/exec producer. Animation direction was by Robert Alvarez, Eric Pringle and Robert Cullen while Vincent Aniceto served as producer. Ryan Slater was post producer.

GOOD WILT HUNTING stars the voices of:Grey Delisle as Frankie/Kid/Sara/Baby BrotherKeith Ferguson as Blooregard/Stats/ClumsyTom Kane as Mr. Herriman/DadTom Kenny as Eduardo/Clumsy's CreatorPhil LaMarr as Wilt/AnnouncerSean Marquette as Mac/Socket Tubey's CreatorCandi Milo as Coco/Madame FosterJeff Glen Bennett as Douglas/AdamKevin Michael Richardson as Joe/Foul LarryTara Strong as Mom

Post-production supervisor was Tony Tedford and director of production technology was Antonio Gonella. It was produced at Cartoon Networks Studios with overseas work done at Boulder Media Ltd., overseen by co-producer Peter Lewis and directors Gillian Comerford and Paul O'Flanagan.

Collette Sunderman cast the movie and did the recording direction. Supervising editor was Paul Douglas, sound editing was by Twenty First Century Ent. and re-recording by Hacienda Post. Main title theme and music is by James L. Venable.

Brian A. Miller was Cartoon Network Studios exec producer, Jennifer Pelphrey was supervising producer and Khaki Jones was exec in charge of production for CN.

One of Cartoon Network's Emmy Award-winning, top rated original series, FOSTER'S HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS is now in its fourth season and has also been greenlit for a fifth season.