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Foothill's Momtourage Arrives at MIPCOM

Santa Barbara-based Foothill Ent. is bringing a whole new entourage to MIPCOM this year courtesy of MY MOMTOURAGE & ME (26x25).

Created by acclaimed Australian illustrator/writer, Kyla May, MY MOMTOURAGE & ME chronicles the life of a tween age girl, Harper, as she copes with the crazy lifestyle of her very successful pop star Mom while being brought up by several members of her Mom's entourage...or should we say Momtourage! Harper's Mom loves the spotlight and fan adulation, but deep inside an otherwise really shallow life, she honestly does try to bring Harper up the best way she can.

Most young girls these days want that celebrity lifestyle: they desire the global travel, a wardrobe full of designer clothes, private jets, stylists and glamour. But with a celebrity for a Mom, all Harper wants is a "normal" life, and most importantly, a "normal" Mom. MY MOMTOURAGE & ME follows the humorous adventures of Harper as she leads a fabulous jet-setting life traveling around the world but really just wishes she was just like everyone else.

"This stylish and funny series offers a great new perspective on the so-called celebrity lifestyle and how ordinary kids cope with having a not so ordinary parent," said Jo Kavanagh-Payne, President of Foothill. "Being a celebrity kid isn't all it's cracked up to be because growing up still has its challenges, no matter who you are."

May is a designer with TV and licensing properties such as KYLA MAY MISS.BEHAVES, SMIRK, FLEA-BAG & FRIENDS and G2G: GOT TO GO. The half hour series of G2G: GOT TO GO is in its first season at Channel Nine in Australia with plans in the works for a live action telemovie. With MY MOMTOURAGE & ME Kyla May is bringing her trademark humor and design style to the North American market for the first time. May said, "Since MY MOMTOURAGE & ME kind of mirrors the Hollywood lifestyle, teaming with a California based company is a perfect fit."

Kyla May Pty Ltd. will be partnering with Foothill on this series. At the 2008 MIPCOM market, the parties are seeking pre-sale and co-production partners for this series.